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    Update #2 2/19/12


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    Update #2 2/19/12

    Post  NoFatAsiansPlz on Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:46 am

    Hello there JC Citizens, I have added a whole bunch of updates to the server that includes ANTI-Griefing proof. Well, actually its still in the works. While our staff is working out the kinks to it, but the updates I have added to the server is.

    -FIXED Mobs spawning when the server properties said "False" on Mobs.
    -Iconomy Stores Added! One for selling and buying blocks.
    -A new single build district is added, still under construction.
    -ANTI-GRIEFING ZONES added! (Finally, we can invite people)
    -RANKS to the server that includes 4 different ranks
    King (Admin)
    Knight (Mod)
    Citizen (Builder)
    -Mob arena spawns have been changed to decrease the campers Razz
    -More classes added to the Mob arena that includes
    Snowballer, and a good potion supporter class Wink

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